ETAD advises clients on loss adjustment procedures, legal and regulatory issues; it sponsors complex insurance, reinsurance and brokerage lawsuits; and operates in contractual law cases, civil liability, and corporate conflicts.

Customers include companies from various economic sectors (such as agribusiness, food, commerce, construction, energy, pharmaceuticals, industrial, logistics, mining, steel) as well as banks, insurance and reinsurance companies and brokers.

Throughout history, ETAD has operated in cases of national and international repercussion involving electrical, chemical, mechanical, hydraulic, geological claims, the suchlike. The firm works with the main centers of technology and applied research to provide technical support for legal services.

As the law depends on technological improvement and creativity, ETAD has remained at the forefront of new technology since the 1980s. In addition to sophisticated data protection, it uses, among other resources, cinematography and scale models.

ETAD promotes scientific research and public policies alongside the Brazilian Institute of Insurance Law – IBDS, and encourages cultural growth through the Ceará 202 Project.


The struggle to create new insurance rights in Brazil led, in May 2000, to the foundation of IBDS, responsible for holding numerous conferences, courses and seminars with the participation of Brazilian and international lawyers.

Dozens of articles and written material on insurance were published, bringing together more than seventy Brazilian and foreign jurists and technicians. Documentaries, such as “Um pouco mais, um pouco menos” and “Reguladores”, were also produced.

IBDS coordinated work on the draft law regarding the insurance contract that resulted in the presentation to the National Congress, in 2004, of the first Brazilian Insurance Contract Bill (PL 3,555 / 2004), approved in December 2016 by the Chamber of Deputies, and pending in the Federal Senate (PLC 29/2017).